Our powerful life enhancing talismans are crafted and empowered in Great BRITAIN by the Master Adept of the Circle of Raphael in the finest British hall marked solid sterling silver. All our talismans are supplied by our Master Adept fully empowered and activated. There is nothing whatsoever for you to do on receipt of your talisman.

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The Circle of Raphael

Dedicated practitioners and specialists in the celestial science of talismanic magic

Welcome to the talismanic services of the world-renowned Circle of Raphael family. We apologize that our website is not a fancy website with all the trendy bells & whistles. The fact is, we are not website designers or commercial jewellery makers. We are a group of genuine talisman creators. We only supply genuine fully empowered and highly successful life enhancing talismans.  

The Circle of Raphael keeping our promises for over 40 years. Whatever you may require to help make your journey through life a happy, balanced, successful, and pleasant experience, can be acquired with the aid of talismanic magic and the assistance of the Angelic beings of light. Our talismans are designed to help generate whatever situations and opportunities their owners may require to help them experience a satisfying and spiritually enhancing earthly life. Owners of our talismans confirm that after receiving their talismans they started experiencing beneficial waves of Angelic blessings, protection, and good fortune manifesting in several areas of their life. READ MORE   

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The Circle of Raphael is based in Great Britain. We fast dispatch worldwide using Royal Mail’s reliable and secure International Airmail post. Our shipping fee is only $10 no matter how many items you order at the same time for delivery to the same address.

Our talismans are crafted using solid .925 hallmarked British sterling silver. NOT the silver-plated nickel-based talismans that some suppliers criminally try to pass off as solid silver.

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Talisman of the Seven Archangels. Ownership signifies its wearer is under the direct guardianship and protection of the Seven Archangels. Click to View & Order.
Very Special Solid Gold Talisman of the Seven Archangels. Ownership signifies its wearer is under the direct guardianship and protection of the Seven Archangels. Click to View & Orders.
Qabalah Money Talisman. Created to swiftly banish its owners’ financial worries and create true Financial Security. Click to View & Order.
Qabalah Good Fortune Talisman. This extremely lucky talisman is designed to attract Angelic blessings and create a life-time of Good Fortune, Well-being and True Prosperity for its owner. Click to View & Order.
Chi-ro Qabalah Protection Amulet. All evil forces and negative situations are instantly banished from its divine cleaning light Click to View & Order.
The Magical Talisman of Saturn. Ownership attracts and concentrates Saturn’s highly positive spiritual energy around the life path of its owner. Click to View & Order.
The Qabalah Jupiter House Talisman. A Unique Angelic Home Protector and Good Fortune Creator.
Abracadabra Amulet. Wear or carry this powerful protective ancient Amulet to banish bad luck and greatly diminish all negative energy and negative situations from your life. Click to View & Order.
The First Seal of Agrippa. Our master Adept highly recommends the First Seal of Agrippa for anyone wishing to prosper and leave their mark in life. Click to View & Order.
The Second Seal of Agrippa. This special sacred seal talisman is highly beneficial and necessary for anyone interested in the investigation and development of their psychic ability. Click to View & Order.
Special Offer: Set off two of Agrippa’s most successful talismans. Traditionally, the First and Second sacred seals of Agrippa are carried in conjunction with one another. Order the set of powerful Agrippa talismans. And receive a $15 discount. Pay only $114.90.
Check out Range of genuine King Solomon Talismans. Each talisman is actually two powerful ancient talismans combined into one life enhancing talisman. Click to View & Order.
King Solomon’s Special Double Sided Angelic Love Talisman.
King Solomon’s Special Double Sided Angelic Protection Talisman
King Solomon’s Special Double Sided Angelic Financial Prosperity Talisman
King Solomon’s Double Sided Angelic Good Fortune Talisman
The Secret Wand of Isis. Guaranteed to be the most successful and highly accurate divination device in history. Click to View & Order.
Lucky Irish Magical Boar Charm. Wear to generate the blessings of Virility, Prosperity, and Courage. Click to View & Order.
Celtic Salmon
Lucky Irish Magical Salmon Charm. Wear to receive the gifts of Wisdom and Enlightenment. Click to View & Orders.
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