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Direct Angelic Protection Insurance

We all understand how necessary it is to have proper insurance in case of an accident. However, insurance can only go so far, so what about divine Angelic insurance? The Circle of Raphael’s powerful Chi-ro amulet has been used as a highly protective Angelic talismanic item for thousands of years and has a proven record of success that is second to none. 

Amulets such as our powerful Chi-ro amulet help neutralise and repel certain forces and situations before they can manifest and promote an undesired or negative effect. Talismans work in a positive way by attracting the casual Cosmic energies and Angelic influences necessary to create whatever effect or result its owner may desire. To some extent talismans and amulets achieve the same result: An amulet which helps to ward off misfortune is after all doing much the same thing as a talisman which sets out to procure good fortune. The Circle of Raphael’s Chi-ro protection amulet and our King Solomon Angelic divine protection talisman have proven themselves to have the Angelic power to repel negative situations and evil things, and when necessary they have been known to guide their owner away from danger and misfortune.  

We all need a little Angelic support, guidance and protection at different periods in our lives. Ownership of a true Angelic talisman will assist its owner to overcome and cope with life’s obstacles and also help to create opportunities for its owner to live a joyful, prosperous and lucky life. The Angelic names and sacred words on the talisman are written in the Angels’ very own Celestial language, and empowered at the time of crafting to call on the Angels named on the talisman to befriend and bless the talisman’s owner. Because the talisman is written and empowered in the Angels’ own language, the blessing requested on the talisman will be swiftly acted on by the Angels named on the talisman, whereas a prayer to the Angels for the same blessings are often totally ignored.

The gift of divine Angelic protection is the universal birth-right of every human being, and the most effective way of attracting Angelic protection and blessings is simply to request it by wearing or carrying a true Angelic protection amulet. Ownership of our highly protective Chi-ro Qabalah amulet is akin to surrounding oneself in a protective spiritual suit of armour. We also offer the powerful King Solomon Angelic divine protection talisman. Both are highly successful and protective sacred items. We advise customers to be guided by their own intuition as to which Angelic protection item is best suited to their own individual needs.

Our powerful Angelic talismans are far more than lucky items of jewellery. Each talisman is directly linked to the creative Angelic language of the Cosmos and celestial words of creation. Our sacred Angelic talismans are created to aid the quick removal of all obstacles that are both physically and spiritually blocking their owner from achieving their full potential.

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