The Circle of Raphael

Guardians of the Light and Practitioners in the Ancient Wisdom’s.
Universally recognised as the foremost leaders and creators 
of this world’s most powerful and successful holy talismans.

Welcome to the talismanic services of the world renowned Circle of Raphael family, the recognised world masters in the sacred art of creating highly successful and life enhancing Angelic talismans.

The head of our group is a dedicated Western Mystic whose specialised knowledge and experience in the creation of life-enhancing Angelic talismans is unsurpassed anywhere in the world today. Our talismans are genuine miraculous pendants supplied fully empowered by our Master Adept. The celestial energies contained within the Angelic script, and powerful supercharged Angelic prayers imbedded into the talismans cause them to become extremely lucky Angelic pendants. Owners of our talismans will all experience beneficial waves of Angelic blessings, protection and good-fortune manifesting in all areas of their life.

Our talismans are supercharged Celestial prayers requesting the friendship and help of the Angelic beings of light named on the talisman. Angels were created to help humankind, so by wearing or carrying a celestial talisman requesting Angelic help you are helping the Angels to fulfil their purpose. By doing so you bring pleasure and joy to the Angels named on the talisman. The Master Adept of the Circle of Raphael only ever works through the celestial light and only creates highly positive and pure Angelic talismans.

Initially some people are a little sceptical at the possibility of attracting Angelic good luck into their life through the aid of holy talismans, saying they simply cannot understand how any item such as a metal talisman could possibly create a wave of luck and good fortune in a person’s life, while at that same time conceding that they do believe that negative forces have at times caused clouds of misfortune to descended on their life. If we understand that there are powerful negative forces that can create bad luck and misfortune in one’s life, then it seems logical that there must also be a powerful counter balance of highly positive Angelic forces that can create good luck, and repel major misfortune from one’s life.

We all catch good luck and bad luck at some time in our lives, just as we catch colds and flu. Luck is a combination of spiritual and physical factors that can have life changing consequences for a person’s well-being and their enjoyment of life. The possession of a powerful Angelic talisman will first and foremost create waves of positive energy, good fortune and life changing opportunities in the life path of its owner. It will also produce a spiritual immunization that will both repel or greatly reduce the effects of bad luck, in a similar way as an inoculation will reduce the effects of chronic flu to a minor cold. When negative forces begin to impact on one’s life, steps need to be taken to neutralise and repel the condition in a similar way as one would take steps to cure excessive and continual ill health.

You do not need to believe or have faith for your talisman to work. Simply coming into physical contact with any of our powerful talismanic pendants will cause highly positive celestial energy to transfer from the sacred talismanic pendant and cause a wave of Angelic luck and good-fortune to manifest in the life path of the talisman’s owner. The Angelic script and celestial Angelic words of power embedded into the metal continually draws new celestial Angelic energy onto themselves, causing the talisman to become more potent and effective the longer you own it.

All our talismans are genuine life enhancing items which have been created by our Adept to act as an Angelic spiritual suit of armour for the wellbeing, good fortune and protection of their owners.. There is nothing whatsoever for our valued customers to do when they receive their talisman apart from enjoy its many Angelic blessing and benefits.