You cannot see or physically touch it. Yet we all feel it deep down and are

aware that good luck is something that is both very real and highly desirable

How many times have you heard someone say that they are having a run of either good or bad luck? Sooner or later we all become aware that there is some outside factor at work in our daily lives. Some call this Lady Luck, Fate or Karma. No matter what we may call it, there is no getting away from the fact that luck or Lady Luck is one of the most important ingredients in a person’s life, if not the most important. When compared to good luck, not even great wealth nor noble birth are worth anything if Lady Luck is not on your side. Without the helping hand of Lady Luck nothing of real importance can ever be achieved. Let’s say you just happen to be in the right place at the right time and get offered the job of your dreams, or just  happen to walk into a shop and buy the last scratch card in the box and, bingo, you win a fortune – do you  really believe that all this is just chance? There is no such thing as a coincidence or chance. Good luck as well as bad luck is physically alive and as real as everything else in life. If you wish to attract more good fortune into your life consider the benefits of acquiring one of our enhancing Angelic talisman.  We all need a little Angelic support, guidance and protection at different periods in our life.

Wouldn’t life be great if the best qualified person always got the job they deserved, or the persons in most need always won the lottery or the two most suited people always got together, married and lived happily ever after? These things do sometimes happen, but only when Lady Luck is present and on your side. It should not surprise you that every lottery winner in the world has either worn or carried a talisman or some other item they associated with the attraction of Good Fortune when they bought that life-changing lottery ticket. In fact, every successful person in history has carried a  talisman or some item associated with the attraction of Good Fortune.        

Napoleon Bonaparte was a true believer in the power of talismans and with good reason. Born into a poor family and living at the most dangerous time in French history, he first achieved great wealth, and then later was imprisoned for treason and expected to lose his head at any moment. Out of the blue, an order for his release was issued – for no apparent reason. Lady Luck was once again at work. Later in life when asked to appoint France’s most experienced and highly qualified officer as General of one of his armies, he agreed that the officer was indeed the most qualified man for the job, and then said: “but is he lucky?”. Always a firm believer in both good and bad luck, Napoleon was well aware that in battle a bad but lucky general would always have the edge over a better qualified but not so lucky one. The ability to attract Good Fortune is still the most important factor in determining the successful and happy outcome of a person’s life. A true Angelic talisman worn or carried on the person will automatically help attract Good Fortune. All our talismans are imbued with a celestial energy with the ability to attract a flow of life-changing good fortune to their owners.