What exactly are the Angelic beings of light?

Are they supernatural Beings or not? 

What motivates them to help and protect Humans?

These are the questions our valued customers have asked us over the past 40 years.

Let’s start by correcting some of the key misconceptions many people have regarding their perception of our physical and spiritual universe. Most people regard what they can see and touch as the natural order and the unseen spiritual world as the supernatural order. However, if we coincide that everything in the universe was created by the hand of the same creator of life irrespective of the different names different religions used to refer to the creator. Plus the world’s top physicists have confirmed that everything in the universe both seen and unseen are simply expressions of the same energy in different forms of vibrational frequencies. With this in mind then logically everything in creation both physical and spiritual must be a natural part of creation and as such part of the natural order.

If everything in the created universe is part of the natural order, then nothing whatsoever can be supernatural, not even Angels. There can be nothing whatsoever supernatural about Angels or for that matter the whole spiritual realm. We humans are divinely created self-aware thinking energy in physical form. Angels are divinely created self-aware thinking energy in spiritual form. 

All that we perceive throughout our life’s journey, are natural physical or natural spiritual expressions of our living self-aware universe. All is natural, nothing in creation is supernatural, only something that we as humans do not yet fully understand.

Everything in the universe both the physical and the spiritual is an expression of energy in different states of vibrational frequency. What sets everything in creation apart, is their vibrational frequencies which determine if something appears as a solid, liquid, gas, or part of the living spiritual realm. All forms of energy expression within our self-aware universe, whether they appear in solid or spiritual form, can and do interact with and exert a physical influence on each other when their vibrational frequencies come into sync with each other.

Throughout history, a select few have instinctively understood deep down that there are powerful unseen spiritual forces, that interact with and influence every part of human life. With their knowledge of the workings of life and Cosmic law, naturally, they sought to influence the creative Angelic forces of life and ensure that where possible they would receive direct Angeic help, protection, and the creation of beneficial influences in all the important areas of their life.

For thousands of years, those with the necessary knowledge have used the beneficial power of angelic sacred words fully empowered to sync with the vibrational frequencies of the spiritual realm to respectably request and secure Angelic help, good fortune, friendship, and protection. Thousands of years of history are a testament to the fact that ownership of a genuine empowered talisman, will attract the Angelic help and blessings necessary to create whatever opportunities, blessings, or benefits its owner may require to help make their life a happy, positive, and spiritually enhancing experience and also help to create waves of positive opportunities and influences in every aspect of their life. Important: we have established that there is nothing in creation that is supernatural as all things exist by the command and the will of god and therefore must be considered natural expressions of god. This also means that there is nothing whatsoever supernatural about talismans.

The most direct way to connect with the spiritual Angelic realm and request Angelic blessings, help, and protection, is through the use of a genuine empowered angelic talisman. Talismans are simply powerful supercharged Angelic prayers inscribed into the metal of each talisman with their sacred script synced to the exact vibrational frequency of the Angelic realm.

However, to function, a talisman must first have its sacred script empowered by a true master Adept with the knowledge to sync its vibrational frequency to the exact vibrational frequency of the spiritual Angelic realm. Once empowered and synced, the talisman’s sacred script will begin broadcasting to the living Angelic Beings of light named on each talisman, respectfully requesting they bestow their Angelic gifts and blessings on the owner of the talisman.  This seems to be the logical reason why for thousands of years talismanic prayers inscribed into pendants are always positively responded to and answered, while ordinary prayers often go unanswered or completely ignored.

Why would the Angelic Beings of Light choose to ignore regular prayer requests and then respond positively to prayer requests written on talismans? This seemingly strange response can be understood by our human responses and the way we react in different ways to different people in our lives. We humans are self-aware living energy vibrating at slightly different frequencies to one another. However, when we meet another person with a similar energy frequency to ourselves, we instantly feel relaxed and may even say that we get a good vibe from them. Naturally, we act with simpatico to anyone we feel is of a similar mindset and with similar principles to ourselves. This makes us more open to doing them favours or even going out of our way to help them. The frequency of the prayers and requests inscribed onto our Circle of Raphael talismans has been brought into sync with the frequency of the spiritual Angelic realm by the master Adept. This is the very reason why the talismanic prayers and requests to the Angelic Beings of light inscribed into our talismans always receive a positive response. Circle of Raphael’s talismans are highly positive celestial conduits, connected directly to beneficial creative energies in the Angelic realm. They continually cause waves of Angelic blessings, protection, and good fortune to manifest in the life path of the talisman’s owner.

We all experience various levels of good luck and bad luck throughout our lives. This is a natural consequence of life. However, it is not a natural consequence of life to continually experience excessive and continual bad luck and misfortune. When negative forces begin to impact one’s life, steps need to be taken to neutralise and repel the condition in a similar way as one would take steps to cure excessive and continual ill health.

The fact of the matter is that we all catch good luck and bad luck at some time in our lives, just as we catch colds and flu. Good and bad luck is a mixture of spiritual and physical conditions that can have life-changing consequences for a person’s well-being and enjoyment of life. Possessing any sacred item such as an Angelic talisman will produce a spiritual inoculation that will both repel and greatly reduce the effects of bad luck, similarly as physical inoculation reduces the effects of chronic flu to that of a very minor cold.

Circle of Raphael talismans are genuine life-enhancing items and procurers of Angelic help, good fortune, protection, and friendship. Our talismans are designed to act as an Angelic spiritual suit of armour for the wellbeing, good fortune, and protection of their owners.

Initially, some customers are a little skeptical at the possibility of attracting Angelic good luck into their life through the aid of holy talismans, saying they simply cannot understand how any item such as a metal talisman could create a wave of luck and good fortune in a person’s life, while at the same time conceding that they do believe that negative forces have at times caused clouds of misfortune to descend on their life. If we understand that there are powerful negative forces that can create bad luck and misfortune in one’s life, then it seems only logical that there must also be a powerful counterbalance of Angelic forces that can create good luck, and repel misfortune from one’s life.

Some customers have asked if there are any negative effects associated with using talismans to request Angelic friendship and protection. The answer to this question is a clear NO. Our talismans are special sacred holy prayers requesting that the Angels named bestow their friendship and blessings on the talisman’s owner and help them enjoy an interesting, secure, and happy life and when need be, sheltered them from harm and misfortune. Angels were created to befriend and help humankind. By simply wearing or carrying a holy Angelic talisman inviting the Angelic Beings of light into your life, you are directly helping the Angels to fulfil their life’s purpose. By doing so you bring pleasure and joy to the Angels named on the talisman. The Master Adept of the Circle of Raphael only ever works through the celestial light and only creates pure and holy Angelic talismans that can never act negatively.

This website contains genuine fully empowered talismans that act as a spiritual inoculation to diminish and repel misfortune and bad luck and cause waves of good fortune to wash over the life path of the talisman’s owner. Please be guided by your inner voice as to which of our talismans is best suited to your particular need.