Individually handcrafted using the finest British Hallmarked 925 Solid Sterling Silver. Order this week and you will also receive a FREE 20-inch 925 solid silver chain worth $21.95p.

King Solomon’s Qabalah Love and Sexual Attraction Talisman

Only $64.95

Individually handcrafted in stunning 925 solid Sterling Silver.
Supplied with a FREE 20-inch 925 solid sterling silver chain worth $21.95 in a quality presentation box.
Size 25 mm across, approximately the size of a US 2 cent coin.

This powerful ancient talisman was designed over 3,000 years ago by King Solomon, with the aid of the Archangel Haniel. King Solomon created this highly effective love and sexual attraction talisman to request Angelic friendship and direct help to assist the talismans owner become successful in all matters connected with Love, Sex and Relationships.

Our Master Adept creates and empowers this powerful ancient talisman in full adherence to the celestial formulae and holy rituals originally disclosed to King Solomon by the Angel Haniel and outlined in the famous Clavicula Salomonis manuscripts. Your talisman is supplied fully empowered and ready to wear. There is nothing whatsoever for you to do on receipt of your talisman. Simply wear or carry on your person to instantly attract the talismans associated life enhancing Angelic good fortune and blessing

King Solomon’s love talisman is created to help its owner become

successful in all matters connected with Love, Sex and Relationships

This amazing Love and Sexual Attraction ancient talismanic pendant was originally designed in the age of miracles over 3000 years ago by the biblical King Solomon, with the aid of the Archangel Haniel. Its holy script is written in the celestial Angelic language of creation, and calls on the Angels named on the talisman to befriend its owner and help them to become lucky in love and highly successful in all matters  involving Love, Sex, and Relationships.

Angelic Blessings and Gifts associated with ownership of this

        potent King Solomon Love and Sexual Attraction talisman pendant           

Our King Solomon Love talisman is known to be the most successful and effective Love and Sexual Attraction talisman in History. Worn or carried on the person, it is known to exert a pleasant hypnotic sensation that helps make its owner irresistible both physically and spiritually to any person they desire. Ownership of King Solomon’s Love talisman enables its owner to project an aura of noticeable physical energy and irresistible sexual magnetism.

The King Solomon Love talisman is, without doubt, the most successful and effective talismanic Love Magnet ever created, with a proven record of more than 3000 years. Embedded into the silver metal of the sacred pendant is the benign Angelic energy of the Archangel Haniel, the celestial power that governs all matters of the heart and the very essence of love itself. This highly effective talismanic love pendant gains its awesome power by utilizing the celestial creative forces of King Solomon’s Fourth Sacred Pentacle and his Third Sacred Pentacle of Venus, displayed on the front and back of this talismanic pendant. The Archangel Haniel is invoked to help create an air of heightened physical and sexual attraction around its owner.

Our Adept highly recommends this potent love magnet to anyone wishing to create an aura of alluring sexual and spiritual attraction, or for any person yearning to attract true, loyal, and lasting love into their life, or seeking to improve an existing relationship. Given as a gift, it is known to create a special bond of love between the giver and the receiver.