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King Solomon’s Protection Talisman

This powerful Angelic protection amuletic talisman was created and empowered by the master Adept of the Circle of Raphael from King Solomon's famous ancient manuscripts on the creation of holy Angelic talismans, known as the Clavicula Salomonis. This special Angelic pendant combines two of King Solomon’s most potent and highly successful spiritual protection talismans combined in one powerful talisman. Handcrafted using British Hallmarked Solid Sterling Silver

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Individually handcrafted in stunning 925 British solid sterling silver. Supplied with a FREE 51cm/20 inch solid sterling silver chain in a quality presentation box. Pendant size 25 mm across, approximately the size of a US 2 cent coin. Only $69.95

King Solomon’s Powerful Angelic Protection Talisman. 

Originally designed over 3,000 years ago by King Solomon, with the aid of the Archangel Haniel
Upon receipt, it instantly creates a powerful Angelic protective shield around its owner and bestows the Angelic gift of direct angelic protection for their physical and spiritual welbeing.
This powerful ancient Angelic protection talisman is actually two of King Solomon’s most successful and highly protective talismans combined into one powerful talisman.
Individually handcrafted in stunning British 925 solid sterling silver. Size 25 mm across, approximately the size of a US 2 cent coin. Plus FREE 20 inch 925 solid sterling silver chain. Only $69.95. 
Supplied fully empowered and ready to use by our Master Adept. There is nothing whatsoever for its owner to do apart from wear or carry to experience the benefits of its Angelic protection. 
Wear or carry this powerful protection talisman on your person, to help manifest a divine Angelic shield when in the presence of negative people or evil entities and also to request Angelic help and protection from physical and spiritual danger, including Evil, and Low Spirits.
This exclusive double sided Angelic protective amulet utilizes the celestial protective energy of King Solomon’s fourth planetary talisman of Mars side one, and the sixth planetary talisman of Mars side two. Our master Adept has combined and empowered both of King Solomon’s most powerful amuletic protection talismans into this one single highly protective and very effective talisman.
Its sacred script declares:- the Lord at thy right hand shall protect you from all danger and evil. If thou art attacked by anyone or any evil entity, thou shalt neither be injured nor wounded, for your attacker’s weapons and evil shall be turned against them. 
Angelic Benefits and Blessings: Ownership guarantees direct Angelic help and protection when confronted with aggression and physical danger. Its holy script respectfully calls on the Angels to befriend the owner of the talisman and bless their life with the gift of divine Angelic protection on all levels both physical and spiritual and also requests that the Angels themselves act as an Angelic shield against all evil things including demonic entities. 
Our Master Adept creates and empowers each talisman in full adherence to the celestial formulae and holy rituals originally disclosed to King Solomon by the Angel Haniel over 3000 years ago and outlined in the famous Clavicula Salomonis manuscripts. Original copies of the ancient Clavicula Salomonis manuscripts are at present in the possession of the British Museum, London
Owners of our talismans can only ever experience highly positive blessings and benefits through their ownership of one or more of our life enhancing angelic talismans. Angels were created to help humankind, by wearing or carrying any of our Angelic talismans you are directly helping the Angels to fulfil their purpose. By doing so you bring pleasure and joy to the Angels named on each talisman. In return, each angel will then happily bestow their friendship, blessings, and gifts on the talisman’s owner.
Important Warning: We have recently become aware of some unscrupulous traders selling silver PLATED nickel base metal talismans described in a way as to trick people into believing they are actually genuine solid sterling silver pendants. If a pendant on any website is described as sterling silver or 925 silver, and NOT solid sterling silver, it is likely a silver PLATED nickel-based pendant masquerading as solid sterling silver. So, in fact, you are paying for solid sterling silver, but receiving a cheap silver-plated nickel pendant instead. This is totally legal because they never claim it is solid sterling silver.

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