The Circle of Raphael For the Most Secure Online Ordering.

When you click to go to our secure server to pay for your order we use 128 bit SSL, the strongest commercially available level of encryption. All your private data is encrypted at all times whilst in transit over the Internet. You will see a solid padlock in your browser status bar which indicates that the encryption is taking place.

By law we are not permitted to ever see our customers full credit card details. Whenever any customer orders on our website they are taken directly to our Government licensed secure server provider – UPG Secure Hosting. When you click to go to our secure server provider UPGs secure system instantaneously requests payment authorisation from your credit card company. We then receive an email confirmation from UPG Secure Hosting stating that your order has been authorised by your card company. We are only told your name, address and order details plus the last four digits of your credit card for reference. By law we are not permitted to ever know any customers full credit card details. Even our secure server provider UPG never gets to know a customers full card details as this information is by law automatically deleted once payment has been authorised. This is a security measure imposed by the government to insure that neither we nor our secure server provider can ever retain any documentation regarding a customers credit card details that could at a later date fall into the wrong hands.

Ordering online using your credit card is now recognised as far safer than paying by either check or money order. When you order online using your credit card you are automatically insured by your card company against any loss due to either fraud or non delivery of your order. The main reason we do not except any payment by either cash or money order is due to the fact that this form of payment can be lost or stolen in the postal system. When this has happened in the past we felt obliged to still send the customer their order even though we did not receive their payment in the post.