Totally exclusive limited edition Angelic talisman. Limited to only 84 pendants created and empowered per calendar year. Highly recommended as a unique and stunning celestial gift idea for that very special person in your life.

  Very Special Limited Edition

Talisman of the Seven Archangels

Individually handcrafted in British Hallmarked Solid Gold 

Supplied with a FREE 20 inch solid gold chain valued at $145 US, and presented in a deluxe presentation box.

The size of this talisman is {16mm } 5/8 inch across.

Cost $365.00 

Ownership signifies its wearer is under the direct guardianship and protection of the Seven Archangels. Invite Seven powerful Angel friends into your life with the aid of this amazing Angelic talisman. The wearing or carrying of this special celestial invitation delights and brings pleasure to the seven Angels named on the pendant. In return, its owners soon start experiencing beneficial waves of Angelic blessings and good fortune in all the important areas of their life. These include the Angelic gifts of, an enhanced love life, enhanced financial security, enhanced career/work/business prospects, and enhanced Angelic Protection.

Each talisman is supplied by our Master Adept fully activated and empowered. There is nothing whatsoever for you to do on receipt of your talisman.

See below for a list of the Angelic gifts and blessings that each of the Seven Archangels will bestow on the owner of this special celestial talisman.

Please Note: Prices shown in our talisman booklet supplied with orders are slightly lower than those shown on this website. This is because the booklet was printed before the recent massive global price increase in the cost of gold and silver.

The Circle of Raphael are based in Great Britain. We fast dispatch world-wide using Royal Mail reliable and secure International Airmail post. Our shipping fee is only $10. We only charge one shipping fee of $10 no matter how many items you order at the same time for delivery to the same address. 

We highly recommend our special edition talisman of the Seven Archangels as a special gift for yourself or as a thoughtful and exclusive gift for friends and loved ones.

In celebration of the Seven Archangels of Light, we would like to offer our valued clients the opportunity to obtain Raphael’s famous talisman of the seven Archangels as a special limited edition, handcrafted in the finest solid Carat Gold.

The sole aim and duty of the Angelic beings of light known as the Seven Archangels is to offer help, friendship, comfort, guidance, security, and protection year in and year out to any person who may request it. The most successful way of requesting and receiving Angelic help is simply to wear or carry the Angels very own angelic talisman. Do this and you will receive a lifetime of Angelic support, help, and protection.

Our Adept only empowers a maximum of seven miraculous special edition solid gold Seven Angel talismans under each month’s Full Moon, making a limited edition total of only 84 per crafted per calendar year.

This exceptionally beautiful handcrafted talisman is created and empowered to attract a lifetime of Angelic good fortune, help, and Angelic blessings into the life of its owner. At this very moment in time, you have the opportunity to become one of the privileged few to possess this special edition solid gold talisman. The possession of this miraculous item is intended to help open Angelic doors to good fortune and true happiness. Under Cosmic law, all seven Archangels must befriend the owner of this, their very own Angelic talisman, and shower them with all their Angelic Gifts, Blessings, Guidance, and Angelic Good-fortune.

This very special solid gold talisman is of exceptional quality and comes in a deluxe presentation box with a FREE solid Carat gold chain, making it a thoughtful and impressive gift for friends and loved ones.