Individually handcrafted using the finest British Hallmarked 925 Solid Sterling Silver. Order this week and you will also receive a FREE 20-inch 925 solid silver chain worth $21.95p.

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The Qabalah Good Fortune Talisman

Its possession creates the Angelic gifts of prosperity, good fortune and security.

Individually handcrafted in stunning pure British solid sterling silver.
Size 25 mm across, approximately the size of a British 10p piece.
Supplied with a FREE 20 inch pure British solid sterling silver chain worth £15.95 in a quality presentation box. 

Only $64.95

The Adept of the Circle of Raphael personally asserts the Qabalah Good Fortune  talisman to be the most effective, beneficial and highly successful Luck and Good Fortune talisman he has ever encountered. This extremely lucky talisman is designed to attract Angelic blessings and create a life-time of Good Fortune, Well-being and True Prosperity for its owner.

All our talismans are supplied by our Master Adept fully empowered and activated. There is nothing whatsoever for you to do on receipt of your talisman. There is no need to even wear your talisman. Simply owning it will instantly attract the talismans associated life-enhancing Angelic benefits and blessings into your life.

Please Note: Prices shown in our talisman booklet supplied with orders are slightly lower than those shown on this website. This is because the booklet was printed before the recent massive global price increase in the cost of gold and silver.

According to numerous testimonials this is without doubt the most effective

and highly successful Luck and Good Fortune holy talisman of all time.

This extremely lucky talisman is designed to attract Angelic blessings and create a life-time of Good Fortune, Well-being and True Prosperity for its owner. The Qabalah Good Fortune talisman is conceded to be an essential item for anyone seeking to greatly enhance their position on the ladder of life and is highly recommended for anyone in need of a beneficial change to their fortune, and a friendly Angelic helping hand in times of need. In fact, it actually becomes more powerful, effective and successful the longer you own it. Contained within the holy Angelic script embedded into the talisman is the closely guarded and all powerful mystical Qabalah wisdom of the ancient MAGI.

It is written that good fortune, prosperity and great accomplishments will follow all those who possess the Qabalah Good Fortune talisman.

According to numerous testimonials from our world-wide clientele, this powerful talisman has proved itself to be remarkably successful in attracting good-fortune into the life of the talisman’s owner. Its owners are assured of Angelic help in achieving their most important desires, ambitions and wishes. Its sacred script calls on the Angels Raphael and Zadkiel to offer its owners guidance, and when necessary, a helping hand so they can experience the good and positive things that this life has to offer.

The Outer Circle of the talisman contains the very ancient and highly secret Qabalah Angelic formulae of Holy words and Divine mathematical symmetry first made known through the aid of an Angel to the great biblical King Solomon, one of the greatest Mystics of all time. This ancient Angelic formulae is so powerful that it is said to have the power, if so desired, to bring its owner fame and worldly recognition. The Centre of the talisman unites the creative power and blessings of the Archangel Raphael for protection from all misfortune, and combines it with the auspicious power and blessings of the Archangel Zadkiel, the Angel who has celestial governorship over the creative forces connected with the Angelic gifts of Good Fortune and Worldly Success.

Armed with this lucky talisman you can feel confident in the knowledge that your footsteps will be guided and all major obstacles removed.

Owners of our talismans can only ever experience highly positive blessings and benefits through their ownership of one or more of our life enhancing angelic talismans.

The master Adept of the Circle of Raphael only ever works through the celestial light and only creates pure and holy Angelic talismans. It is totally impossible for any of our talismans to act in any negative way.

Angels were created to help humankind, so by wearing or carrying any of our Angelic talismans you are directly helping the Angels to fulfil their purpose. By doing so you bring pleasure and joy to the Angels named on each talisman. In return each angel will then happily bestow their friendship, blessings and gifts on the talisman’s owner.