The Skull of Transformation

Wisestone Cosmic no 10: It is said that within the spiritual essence of this wisestone are all created things and the secrets of magic itself. The Skull of Transformation has a special mystical awareness, and is perfectly balanced between good and evil. It is known to mystics as the wisestone of totality and wholeness. It has the power to transform anything into anything else and represents both the beginning and the end of a life cycle as it contains the number 1: the beginning, and the figure 0: the end.

In divination the Skull of Transformation, cosmic number 10, represents the most mystic of all numbers as it is the sum of the lucky 7 and the holy 3 – the cosmic numbers which link heaven and Earth and the eternity of the circle. In a reading, the Skull of Transformation forecasts final endings and can indicate that a most critical point has been reached in one’s life journey. A break with the past is necessary if one truly desires to start afresh. A time of great possibilities is near at hand, but sacrifices and true courage are required if one is seeking a higher standard of living and a better quality life. Great things are possible, but only for the brave and the fool hardy.