The Water of Mystery

Wisestone Cosmic no 3: The Water of Mystery stands for relationships and the possible merging of two souls. It represents the combination of two life forces – the male (1) and the female (2) coming together as one in the form of number 3. Mystics refer to no 3 as the ‘cosmic breath’ as it has the ability to create life itself. Number 3 is linked to both the healing and teaching professions. It has very strong links with the Celtic Earth goddess Gaia and is, in turn, associated with the fruitful Earth. The Water of Mystery, cosmic number 3, oozes raw female sexuality and the power of love at its peak.

In divination the Water of Mystery, cosmic number 3, represents a person who is energetic, disciplined, talented, very proud and independent, and who loves to be in control. People with this number are usually very successful in their chosen careers. They can seem a little superficial at times, but in truth they are hiding a considerable spirituality. They may also be overly fond of telling other people what to do or where they are going wrong, although in their defence, they are usually right! Known as the ‘Lucky Number’ number 3 comes under the influence of Jupiter, the planet of good-fortune. In a reading the Water of Mystery can indicate the start of a relationship, the birth of a child, or two people planning to live together. On a less positive level, the Water of Mystery may warn that not all is as it seems and it advises that one should look deeper and ask more questions before jumping in at the deep end.