The Wheel of Life

Wisestone Cosmic no 8: The Wheel of Life stands for justice, eternity, prosperity and happiness. Known as the intellectual number it is linked with that which is hidden. To the courageous it can bring adventure and excitement. To the over cautious it offers the feeling of security and the boredom of the mundane. The Wheel of Life is restless and, in a reading, indicates that one is about to be rolled forward into a new circle of life, or that one’s life is about to be turned on its head. Wisestone number 8 is a strange and rebellious number and is associated with worldly success after a struggle and a willingness to stand alone against the world in order to achieve one’s dreams. It stands completely against the status quo and is seen as rebellious by the many and enlightened by the few. All truly successful people must ride the Wheel at least once in their lifetime. The Wheel indicates that a time of great excitement as well as a period of trepidation regarding a major change is on the horizon.

In divination the Wheel of Life, cosmic number 8, represents both sorrow and worldly success. It indicates a person who has great willpower and individuality, but who may at times appear cold. In fact, they have deep and intense feelings, but are often misunderstood by others. In a reading the Wheel of Life advises that a risk if taken at that moment in time, will have a very high chance of success. It forecasts that one should expect major changes in the near future and that the cutting of ties will bring a feeling of freedom and excitement and all things new.